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How to capture an Image from a playing video in Media player

It is very simple to capture an Image from a playing video.

Just press" CTLR+I " when the required Image comes While playing a video in Windows Media Player.The Image automatically copies to the Clipboard and you can paste it to your Image editing tool (such as MS Paint) to enhance the Image.

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Send a free Holiday Greeting card to your loved ones with Google

Snail-mail a free holiday postcard to your loved ones in US.

To send a card, visit and fill the form along with the postal address(not email address) of your friend ,select your card design from the list and hit "send your card" button,then Google will post the Holiday Greeting card to him/her with all necessary postal stamps.

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Remember Everything with EVERNOTE

Use Evernote to save your ideas, things you see, and things you like. Then find them all on any computer or device you use. For free.

While browsing you may find many usefull information then how you will store it ,normally take a print or note it down all use full links on a plain paper or taking a screen shot..etc,

The most easiest way to store all such (images,text,voice clips,videos..etc) information is webclipping in Evernote.
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Mobile handsets without IMEI numbers useless in INDIA.

The mobile handsets with out valid IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) numbers will ring no more in INDIA, as per the Indian Government directions 30th November kept as deadline to weed out all such mobiles.

The IMEI is of 15 digit binary coded decimal number (consisting 0 to 9 numbers).You can check your mobile IMEI by dialing *#06#.You can also conform whether the IMEI of your mobile is valid,send an SMS "IMEI number" to the number 53232 or check here .
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Try GOOGLE NEW HOME PAGE with new logo and new search results page

Google is likely to roll out its new homepage and search results page with in few days after final modifications.You can watch those screen shots here.

New page is of more blue with new Google logo of no shadow and is of more soft looking search buttons. And permanent sidebar placed at right side in the search results page.

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TIPs to Customize Embeded YOUTUBE Videos

Customize YOUTUBE Videos to embed in your web page or blog to match your requirement.Here is the tips to customize.

Some customize options directly available at YOUTUBE.Click on the video you want to embed then you will find options panel at right side of the video shown in the below figure.

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How to record or print Browsing history

My friend got a situation where he need to trace what his employee is doing during the day on web.He knows how to check browsing history but could not take print out,he needs a easy way to record and possibly print entries.We Googled for a easiest method to do this task.Here I like to share all possible ways we found to take a print out of Browsing history.

Dutch Duck Cache and History Reader is the best application for internet explorer on windows to get all the can search,edit,delete and take a print out even faster than Internet explorer.Direct free download link given below.

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one chance in life

Don't miss this video..

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Google toilet paper

Google Fack Brands
One more fake brand of Google,This time its for Toilet paper.You can see picture of the Google toilet paper pack.
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What is inside of your credit card ?

 Credit card,Debit card, ATM Card..etc., whatever the type of card all these cards became part of our body.All these cards are almost physically same.

All the content written on the credit card are visible except the data inside the magnetic strip placed at the top of the reverse side of the card.
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