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TIPs to Customize Embeded YOUTUBE Videos

Customize YOUTUBE Videos to embed in your web page or blog to match your requirement.Here is the tips to customize.

Some customize options directly available at YOUTUBE.Click on the video you want to embed then you will find options panel at right side of the video shown in the below figure.

Click the button (shown with red arrow) to open the Youtube customize options,by default these options will be in hide mode.You will find three check box options, first one is to include related videos,uncheck to disable related videos, second one is to include border and third one is related to privacy enhance.Click here to get more info on privacy enhanced mode.

You can also choose the skin for the Youtube video from the nine skin options available( shown in the rectangle),also choose the required resolution out of four options available below the coloured skins.

Do more customizations by simply adding small codes to the default embeded url.

  1. To hide the search box(search box appears when hover on the embeded youtube video), add &showsearch=0′  to the embeded url.
  2. To Skip first X seconds video then add ‘&start=X′ to the embeded url.
  3. To play the video with out hitting play button (Auto play) add &autoplay=1′.
If you know more hacks Please share via comments. 


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