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MAHANGAI GAME...THE Game of common man and Prime minister

hai friends..

here is your dream of getting prime minister .....check this MAHANGAI GAME at once ,finally you will find it's too difficult to be as PM.

Game Details

Do you have it in you? Have you ever dreamt of becoming the premier of your country? Well, now’s your chance. You can take the hot seat. Try your hands doing the balancing act between the budget and the ‘common man’. Put yourself in Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s shoes. Your challenge is to keep the ‘common man’ on the board, while allowing other objects to drop off. The budget is the ‘board’ and the ‘common man’ is the person on the board. But remember, being a prime minister is not a child’s play. You have to pay the cost for the wrong decisions you make. Take care of the common man as he is already in a tight spot owing to the recent increase in petrol prices. Be cautious, the common man shouldn’t fall off the board otherwise your game will be over. For each object you let fall off the board, you gain 100 points. Let’s see, you have it in you or not? How to play? Move the cursor horizontally to balance the board. For example: • To lift the board on the right--- Move cursor to the right • To tilt the board to the right---- Move cursor to the left.



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