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Google Maps For Mobile Devices Incorporates Street View

Google announced the launch of a new version of Google Maps for mobile devices, which incorporates Google's Street View.
"Wondering if the restaurant in your search results is the one you're thinking of? Just click 'Street View' after your search to see the storefront. Unsure about a complicated intersection in your directions? Use Street View to see a photo, so there's no mistaking your turn," says Michael Siliski, Product Manager on the official Google Mobile blog.
"You can also launch Street View from any address where we have photography, or simply by clicking on the map and selecting 'Street View'. You can browse Street View overlaid on the map or in full screen, rotate your view to see more of your surroundings, and move along the street," says Siliski.
The new version of Google Maps for mobile devices also incorporates walking directions, and also allows users to access reviews of local business from their phones. Google also says this update provides "significant improvements in search speed with this version, as well as better location accuracy."
Currently the new version of Google Maps is available for the BlackBerry and a few other Java-enabled phones. While an older version of Google Maps comes pre-installed on the iPhone, apparently the new version of Google Maps is not yet available for the iPhone.

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