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Wonders in OSAKA

This is the Gate Tower Building in downtown Osaka,Japan.

And the Hanshin Expressway goes right through the middle of it. As this city is of so dense with the population of 2,643,805(as of january 2007) and density 30,803 /sq mi. this sort of compromise exist.This city growing as business center in japan.
The location of the Osaka city in japan is shown in the below picture.

One more wonder near OSAKA is Kansai International Airport located on an artificial island near Osaka Prefecture, Osaka International Airport, located in the densely-populated suburbs of Itami and Toyonaka, was surrounded by buildings; it could not be expanded, and many of its neighbors had filed complaints because of noise pollution problems. After the protests surrounding New Tokyo International Airport (now Narita International Airport), which was built with expropriated land in a rural part of Chiba Prefecture, planners decided to build the airport offshore. The new airport was part of a number of new developments to revitalize Osaka.----[via]wiki

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