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shutdown,restart,LogOff your pc using twitter remotely

Day by Day Twitter is becoming more powerful online tool.Can you imagine that you can control your Windows PC with simple tweets( twitter messages is called tweets) in twitter.Yes certainly you can, Here is the simple tool to shutdown , Restart, Logoff and running applications remotely using a twitter account.

TweetMYPC is simple opensource project ,you can visit the home page at "".

Download the TweetMyPC V 2 application. Run TweetMYPC setup,It requires a .NET Framework to INSTALL.Tool searches for the .net framework if not found it will be installed automatically.After the succesusfull installation Open the application. Here is screen shot of the TweetMyPC V 2.

Create a Twitter acount or use the existing acoount ( i prefer to use a new account) .Enter the username , Password details and email details hit the save and close button.The application will be minimized to the system tray.It will automatically detects your tweets for every 1 minute.TO shutdown your pc tweet as "shutdown" on your twitter remotely.Such a way you can controle your PC with lot of pre defined tweets or commands.

You can also use your own custom commands. For this goto Setting( at menubar) --> custom commands, then add your custom command and the executable file of which application you want to run remotely.

I personally feel application was very simple and works great.Please post your comments....

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