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Check your memory - Choose the correct Logo

Check your memory, here is the game to test your memory based on popular logos.
Below is the screen shot of the logo of our favorite search engine Google,Check how far you can select the correct logo.

As my experience 96% people done wrong on first attempt.All might use(Google products) or see the Google logo at least once a day.But where we are going wrong?.As far as mine is concerned i say it's lake of detail concentration,i may be wrong also.

Similar question was asked in a popular TV Show called 'Who Want to be a millionaire' to a lady participant.

Question is “Which of the following is a true statement about the letters in the standard Google logo?” - and the choices are:

A. Both “O”s are yellow

B. Both “G”s are blue

C. The “L” is red

D. The “E” is green

Snap shot of the TV Show is here:

To play such games land at ''.Guessthelogo is also having iphone application,you can directly download from the homepage.Guessthelogo placed all the popular logos and also categorized as TV LOGOs,CAR LOGOs,WEB LOGOS..etc.

Playing such games may improve your memory and concentration also.What for you are waiting just go and play have a lot of fun.

please share your experiences with similar twisters.

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