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Gmail Task list

I didn't find any email services as powerful as Gmail,i think many people accepts me.As the list of features of Gmail increasing day by day its becoming more and more powerful tool to the users.

Gmail tasks is one of finest tool to manage your time and thing to do.I found Gmail tasks gives more flexibility to organize your works than Google calender service (Google calender can be set to send SMS to your mobile to remind the task but not possible with Gmail tasks).

  • To Add a task to your Gmail Task List Hit the link 'Tasks' placed at the left side menu as shown in the sccreen shot.
  • A window opens as shown in the picture To add a new tash hit the 'plus' button placed in the bottom line and add a task with all the details.To know what else you can do with your task list hit the Actions button ( shown in the picture with an arrow).You can sort your tasks as you like with the move up,move down,indent ,un-indent,sort by due date,edit details,completed tasks..etc.
  • The best features are Email task list, Print task list.Just sort the Gmail tasks as you like and hit the button Email tasks list in the action menu,you will be taken to the 'compose mail window' along with your Gmail Tasks list,now you can send your list to any body.second one is print Gmail tasks list, you can print your Gmail task list with the option given in the Actions menu.
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