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Have a electronic signature

At any time either in your office or for personal Do you felt it is easier to put electronic signature to cut down lot of paper work.

There are many ways to Create electronic signature. mylivesignature is providing online tool to create your electronic signature.

And other ways are
  1. signing on plain paper and scanning it.
  2. using your touch screen phone applications.
Mylivesignature is very simple.Just open the site,You will find a box as shown in the screen shot below.

Just draw the signature in the empty space provided using mouse or touchpad (i found it is difficult to draw initially but after three,four attempts its quite comfortable).Then hit the button "create signature" and import it to the format you need.

Here is the video it.

I personnally feel this simple site works great...

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  1. Thanks for providing information about this online tool. With the help of this tool, it becomes so easy to create Digital Signatures. Also, the information provided in video is really helpful.
    electronic signatures

  2. Hi there, nice post. This is an interesting and very informative topic. Thanks for sharing you thoughts on this issue. Keep it up, looking forward to read another one in the future. Cheers!
    There is now a better way to avoid wasting minutes, hours, or even days waiting for documents to be signed in-person, with pen and paper, try using e-signature technology today.