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Text into Images

Do you want to bypass text filters,spam bots,email harvesters ( for email addresses) to send or share your text information on the web.Then it is covered here.

for the above threats sending your text in unsearchable manner give the way of unsearchable manner is converting your text into images.

TxtNinja converts your text into Gif images online and stores the image, provides url for the image.TxtNinja allows font type,font size,background color,text color text formating options.
.txt for the list of usability of this feature click here.

"The downside of TxtNinja is that the choices of fonts and colors are very limited, and they aren't common web fonts, either. Your TxtNinja GIF, unlike a real ninja, is unlikely to blend in with its surroundings. This isn't a particularly big deal, though, and you can use it to your advantage if you happen to want your text to stand out."--Jay Hathaway
While i am Googleing on this issue,i found another intersting tool i.e TEXT-IMAGE.COM which makes (or draws) the given image with the given text.i may not betterly is the example i had taken the well detailed pink Rose image

uploaded the above rose image to the TEXT-IMAGE.COM and filled the form with the black background,Rose charecter options and cliclked to conver image.The resultant image rendered in 4 seconds,i found it's fast and the image is here below.

Do you observed this image is made up of "ROSE" letters.Image may be better if i choose white background.i don't know where this will be useful but i treated as great fun to use.


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