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Search with in Google search results and also check Google search new feature "jump to'"

Do you know how to search with in Google search results. Don't use your conventional "Ctrl + F" to find your desired keyword in the search results.Here is the tip, Just go down to the bottom of your google search results page you will find a link named "Search with in results" (shown in the figure) and  hit the link then you will be navigated to the new page where you will find a search box with Google search within results logo as shown in the screen shot below.

Google search within results logo with search box

Google search added new feature "jump to " to the search results,with this new feature you can directly go to the your desired page or section of a page.Here is the screen of the Google search results page for "dominos pizza price list" . Results shown with anchored links above page url highlighted in the figure.These links directly points to the section a page or content page.Google said...
"which allow users to jump directly to parts of a larger page. This is useful when a user has a specific interest in mind that is almost entirely covered in a single section of a page. Now they can navigate directly to the relevant section instead of scrolling through the page looking for their information."

So do hope it certainly improves Searching ,for any comments on more info please feel free to comment.thanks


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